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Where is it?

We’re in the 3600 block of Penn Avenue in lower Lawrenceville, a short walk or bike to Lawrenceville, the Strip District and Bloomfield. The building’s first floor is dedicated to resident car and bicycle parking, a coveted feature in the neighborhood.

How much?

One and two bedroom condos range from $165,000 to $340,000. Special financing is available for qualified buyers.

Why buy?

Powerful tax incentives. LoLa Lofts is LERTA-approved. This means that owners can save up to $6,180/year for ten years. That, and historically-low mortgage rates makes buying at LoLa Lofts very attractive.

Pittsburgh Among Cities With Best Housing Markets in 2012

msn pittsburgh

More good news for local homeowners and buyers: MSN just listed Pittsburgh as one of the top five cities with the most promising housing markets in 2012. The article on MSN mentions that the job base of colleges, hospitals, and other health-care employers is growing, and that incomes in the city are slightly higher than the national average. And with the economy showing signs of picking up (the national unemployment rate recently fell to 8.5%, the lowest level since February 2009), there hasn’t been a more promising time in recent years to invest in a new home in the city.

Read full article on MSN.com

Pittsburgh Is Officially ‘In’


Portland vs. Pittsburgh

We recently posted about Pittsburgh making Mercer’s list of the top 50 global cities for quality of life. Now we have even more reason to believe the hype. The Washington Post made their annual list of all things in (trendy) and out (sooo-last-year).

So what’s out? Portland. (Nothing personal.)

What’s in? You guessed it.

Check out this article in the Washington Post for further explanation.



Introducing Green Boulevard

Allegheny Riverfront Green Boulevard

More good news for Pittsburgh city-dwellers: the creation of the Green Boulevard Plan. This plan will transform an existing freight rail right-of-way extending through the Strip District and Lawrenceville into a multi-modal green boulevard that includes park access, open space programming, neighborhood design, stormwater management infrastructure and transportation options from which Pittsburghers will benefit for decades to come.

When complete, the Green Boulevard will connect nearly a dozen riverfront Pittsburgh neighborhoods, including Downtown, the Strip District, Lawrenceville, Morningside and Highland Park.

Read more about the plan on their recently-launched website.

Pittsburgh Among Top 50 Global Cities For Quality of Life


Once again, Pittsburgh has made an impressive list: the 2011 Mercer top 50 quality of life ranking for cities around the world.

Mercer is a London-based consultancy focused on human resources and financial advising. The company listed Pittsburgh tied for 49th place worldwide. Vienna, Austria was ranked number one. Only seven US cities were ranked above Pittsburgh: Honolulu, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington, New York, and Seattle.

This serves as more evidence that Pittsburgh has done an amazing job of cleaning up it’s image over the last half century, from it’s perception as a heavily polluted, industrial city to that of a progressive, tech-savvy, clean and green, and vibrant one. As native Pittsburghers, we are proud to see the results of many years of advocacy, public policy, community-building and decision-making from our fellow citizens that has made the city what it is today. And we are excited for the future!!!

Read the full report on Mercer’s website 



NY Times Article: Death of the Fringe Suburb


Check out this interesting op-ed in the New York Times about the shifting trend from  suburban to cosmopolitan living, particularly with baby boomers. Here’s an excerpt:

“Simply put, there has been a profound structural shift — a reversal of what took place in the 1950s, when drivable suburbs boomed and flourished as center cities emptied and withered…Many boomers are now empty nesters and approaching retirement. Generally this means that they will downsize their housing in the near future. Boomers want to live in a walkable urban downtown, a suburban town center or a small town, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors.”

Read full article (New York Times)

How Much Do Glass Lofts Buyers Save?

tx savings

tx savingsAhh, the importance of tax breaks…

Prospective buyers at Glass Lofts are amazed to learn how much they will save based on the KOZ status of the building. So it’s worth sharing this in some detail.

Glass Lofts buyers DO NOT PAY:
-3% city wage tax
-3% state income tax
-property taxes (county, city, school)

Taking these savings into account, a buyer earning $50,000/year could save about $8,000 per year. The exact amount depends on many factors, but this simple scenario highlights the importance of the KOZ and the very favorable benefits to buyers at Glass Lofts.

Contact Erin Taylor or Kathy Wallace at RE/MAX Select: 412.288.2566. Or email glassloftspgh@gmail.com. Check out our features page for more benefits, etc, and the URA website for important loan and savings information.

Video: Glass Lofts Agent Discusses Downtown Living on KDKA

kathy wallace KDKA interview

One of the lead Glass Lofts agents, Kathy Wallace of RE/MAX Select, was featured in a interview segment on KDKA to discuss the advantages of living downtown. She mentioned some major tax benefits with regard to one of her other projects; Glass Lofts buyers qualify for similar benefits through KOZ. Learn more about KOZ on our features page or on the KOZ website.